Welcome to LGF SAS,  premiere waterjet cutting shop employing the OMAX Abrasive JetMachining Center.

Manufacturing highly detailed and accurate machine parts is possible in a variety of thicknesses and materials. Whatever your need, be it either decorative or functional, LGF SAS WaterJet Service is your one-stop shop for design and fabrication. We can help Machine Shops increase profits by eliminating many time consuming roughing operations.

When planning the overall look and feel of a commercial building, residential home, place of worship or school, design options are now broader than ever before. With the use of waterjet cutting, more intricate and colorful displays are possible in a wider array of materials. Unique artwork, organization logos, crests and other designer options can be added to floors, walls and windows. Large or small, LGF SAS WaterJet Service can help you with any project to add that special touch to board rooms, reception areas, bathrooms, and more. Our staff can work with established artwork or help with creating something new. The waterjet cutting process is computer controlled and uses an AutoCAD operating system to design and cut simple geometric shapes or complex free form pieces of art.


Prototypes, production or limited runs on short notice
Smooth edges need no secondary processing


Production directly from .DXF files, CAD files or scanned images
Close part nesting assures maximum yield
Cuts virtually any material


Precise, intricate shapes
Minimal burrs, no stresses or heat-affected zones